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What is Neuro Rehab Coaching?

Neuro Rehab Coaching is a client-centred approach that combines theories of life coaching, cognitive rehabilitation and cognitive behaviour coaching to guide and support you to design your future. 

Neuro Rehab Coaching is especially useful to help with life transitions following a major life-altering event. 

It can support you to explore options and pathways to implement and develop sustainable strategies to support a functional level of independence following a stroke, brain injury or general disability.

What is different about Enable Independence?

I combine experience and knowledge of brain injury, cognitive rehabilitation, special needs, cognitive-behavioural coaching, and life coaching skills to help you create a fulfilling life despite your challenges.  

I can help you integrate brain injury strategies and also support you through life coaching to break through any mental and emotional blocks that are getting in the way of you achieving your goals. 

I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise and Health Studies (Hons) so there is a core emphasis on developing a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

I do not know what my goals are?

That’s OK, during your free consultation call we will discuss what challenges you have and what your dreams and aspirations are.  We will then work together to develop your goals.

What are some examples of goals you have helped people with?

Everyone is unique so goals vary, some of the most common goals are confidence building, independent living skills, improved cognitive abilities, improved executive functioning skills, educational goals, career goals, increased community participation, and health and fitness goals.

What other support do you offer?

Enable Independence also offers support in terms of Case Management which includes Advocacy. 

This might be suitable for you while you are on a waiting list for a Community or Day Service or just need some support to navigate services. Or short-term input to help develop skills of independence upon returning home from the hospital.  

You may also be recovering from a stroke and are unable to access Local Services.  At Enable Independence we help you identify what your biggest difficulties are and how to implement strategies in your life that will support you to regain a functional sense of independence.

How long does a session last?

Sessions are 1 hour, with weekly check-in phone calls.

What are your fees?

Standard rates apply, please contact for more information, individual circumstances will be taken into consideration.

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